Trulia Real Estate App Reviews

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Very well designed. Easy use

Very good

Well done

Top appli

Very good

Top Level !


So easy

Great app but so frustrating that posts do not always include all the relevant information. Writing as a house buyer/seeker.

Easy to use

Been using it for almost daily for a couple of months to find my next new home. Helps keeps me in the loop, market-wise.

perfect ap

fast result and simple to use ! what else we need ? its perfect !

Great app!

Easy to use, very fast search and rich information.

Needs sisters app

Very cool app, if sometime she close when it , will be very very cool with sisters app for Land and business for sale, why not .thanks to developper .

Real estate in the US made easy

Perfect tool to find a new home or even just to get a feel of the market value !


What a great App...

Lové it

Very easy to use and fantastic to find open houses


Thanks, very usefull

Find your dream home anywhere

A fantastic home search tool :enjoy !!


Simple, clear and efficient!

Very Good


Nice app!

Very nice ! Loved it !


App is awesome, you have lots of place with photos

Gorgeus app!

Simple and efficient the interface!i just love it

Amazing. Application .

One excellent app, where you can search for homes and information about the neighborhood, I recommend!

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