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A big thanks

Your app trulia helped me immensely!! Thank you so much! I’m going to miss checking you out everyday!

Owner investor

Easy to use and provides great information on the Florida market.

Great app but at times inaccurate

This is a very useful app but fairly often I find myself having to put in an address in maps because the location shown on the listing is incorrect

So reliable!

This app is so reliable and accurate, that recently while looking for a new home, we could tell our agent about changes in listings before she could tell us.


Very useful tool for me as a home inspector!!👍🏻

Nice getting up dates

So far it’s been a nice experience! Please keep me updated with an apartment with in my price range ( 1000.00) a month! Thanks so much!

Great App!

The only reason I didn’t read a five is because I would like the option to search by school.


Thank you Trulia

Good app user friendly

I like it

Great app

This app never glitches and they give super info which I don’t have to hunt to find. Square feet and price per sq foot are listed easily and the crime info. Highly recommend and I much prefer this app to Zillow.

Trulia the best!

Trulia is my go to house finder. They are almost always the first at alerting me of new homes, price changes, and homes pending. Definitely 5***** for their map and satellite views. As far as I know, I believe, Trulia has the only satellite view that you can rotate and actually see all of the house and neighborhood. LOVE that feature. Thanks, Trulia!

Not happy

I’ve tried to email truila multiple times with issues I have & it’s been weeks & they still haven’t gotten back to me.

The search

Easy to use but, I wish they had MORE for rent options available.I like it so far now time to try to find a home

Two thumbs ups 👍👍

Love this app. Highly recommended!!

Fix it

It has become nearly impossible to use. After viewing a home and going back to the list view, it resets to the start and is frustrating to scroll back down to where you were.


Great job keep it going please.


You can search by price range, location. You get alerts which helps you be informed of availability. Happy with this application.

Love it❣️

Easy to use.

Simple! Easy!

This app is making it really easy for me to only see what I’m looking for via the search results but also shows badges of maps and safety and neighbourhood things that also go into the search for a place to live. Using this app is probably the easiest decision in the whole apartment hunting adventure! I appreciate the easy-to-use filters to refine my search whenever I want too also.

So annoying

I used to love this app. Now I can’t stand never scrolls correctly. Once I get to the bottom it just brings me back to the beginning even though I haven’t seen everything. The settings change and don’t stay the same. It crashes. It also doesn’t show every listing. One minute a listing is there and the next minute it won’t come up. Even though it’s still for sale and I just saw it. It’s become such a disappointing app.

“Saves” Feature

Please fix the Saves feature to show list of hearted homes. Anytime I click on saves it shows no homes.

Love to dream of moving to Sonora Ca

Look at app every day.


I like the app because I can navigate it easily, and I can save the houses I like, the other Z app will take me out every 3 minutes of searching. Thanks :)

Easy to view

This is a great app. To view and see what is being offered. Pictures are so nice but what I like most is the description of the home and in some instances the surroundings of the neighborhood.


beat all i end up finding an aparment through trulia

User friendly

I love trulia app for looking at houses around my area and out of town! This website is very user friendly!

User friendly

Love it easy to navigate and lot of good information.

Perfect 👌🏽 App

Love the ease and so many great features on this app it’s perfect works well for me! It’s magical 💕🙏🏼💪🏼😘

Homeowners right to post fotos

I am selling my home at 1216 Platte Dr and have been unable to post pics. I think that is a big disadvantage when you all do not update your site. I had a buyer they bailed out and now the pics that are on your website are from over 3 years ago when I bought the home. Please advise me what to do Platte Dr

Pictures are HQ!

Love this app! All the details with high quality:)


I used this when I bought my house and it was great. Now, won’t connect. Keeps saying to check my internet connection. Every other app on my phone works fine. Including competitor apps. This app just says I have no internet connection. Cellular or WiFi.

I love it!!!

You make my dreams real!!!!


Can you please change the map colors back to the old version?? It’s really hard to see with all these blue colors. I have to zoom it every time I’m looking at a property. The old map was way easier to use it!

Great app

Easily navigate to places properties you’re interested to see. The apps gives me constant updates of the properties in the market


Great help with finding renters and listing rentals... a go 2 for both sides!

Trulia is outstanding

Better than all competitors..... BY FAR (Including Zillow)

This App is AWESOME

I live in this app it’s great!


This app is PERFECTION

I am satisfied

I love being able to see what homes are available that fit my needs and wants at all time .

Wish there were less glitches

There are glitches when using both my desktop and my cell phone app. ‘My saved homes’ is a mess.

Awesome app

Awesome app


It’s a great site for Search for your home



Real time listings

Love this app to find out value of homes all over the USA.

Too many glitches

I love the idea of this app but it never works... I’ve updated,uninstalled, reinstalled, etc! It hasn’t been fully functional in months! 😕

Love this app

I love being able to search for property that I am interested in. I would offer one suggestion. I would like to simply swipe or check a button for properties that I’m not interested in. i.e. property in town. This would cut down on the clutter every time I open the app


It’s cool I guess

Love using Trulia App

Makes searching quick and easy! I can browse lots of properties and see everything I need to know in a matter of seconds. The interface is very user-friendly and the pages are laid out well.

It’s dope!

It’s awesome sauce

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